Choose Life. Choose Happiness.

Depression and thoughts of suicide can happen to any of us. It has happened to me. I have experienced terrible lows and have lost family and friends to suicide.  We read all the time about people who took their lives who had no obvious symptoms of being depressed. They battled privately and never told anyone or spoke to anyone about what they were going through. 

I know myself how hard it is to expose feelings to others of not feeling good mentally. Who wants to bring anyone else into that depressing world? Nobody.  Nobody wants to have to share, or explain, or get upset, or upset others, with their mental problems.  Unfortunately this is one of the reasons so many do not get help and end up taking their lives.

I am not a doctor, and I am not a psychiatrist. There are many forms of depression that require medical treatment so I am sharing what has helped many people who have practiced Sophrology but it doesn't take precedence over what your doctor advises. 

This is what I learnt from my own experience. One day it can be really bad.. and the next day things are ok. So much so that I wondered why on earth did I feel like that yesterday when today is fantastic.. Simple things can actually change it. It can be something as simple as eating the right foods that help change how you feel, change your mood for the positive.  It can be a simple moment of distracting the mind by doing something creative or doing a workout. It might be as simple as watching a cute dog or cat video online.  It knocks those thoughts away and reverses how you feel.  

I applied sophrology on myself to be mindful of moods and foods.  I ate mindfully and noticed what foods brought me down.. I realized quickly which ones I needed to avoid. (BTW I had lost over 40 pounds specifically from mindful eating but never applied it to moods..) It's not to say you can never enjoy these foods again, you will. You just need to give your body a break from them as it's not helping you right now chemically with your 'mind-health'.  

I became mindful of my thoughts. I had to stop myself from wallowing in negative thoughts as if I allowed it, they just got worse..  Me of all people.. the eternal optimist.. but it did happen.  And It still can.  I had to regain my physical strength step by step and help my mental strength at the same time. I gave myself a mental slap when I found myself going there. It took a lot of courage. But I had the tools. I just needed to apply them. I wanted it. I chose happiness within me.

Sophrology was initially created to help people with PTSD and Depression without use of medication. I had days when I didn't want to get out of the bed. Putting the bed covers back over my head and snuggling next to my pillow was a lot easier than to get out into the world and face what was in front of me.

There are many of you out there reading this who have had experienced days like this and have successfully overcome them.  I applaud you!  We don't read about your success stories and the hurdles you have overcome.  So well done. Pat yourselves on the back.  

For those of you reading this and relate to what I wrote. Have strength. You can do it. Be mindful of moods, foods and booze!   Be aware of what brings you down. It could be news, foods, booze and the people you surround yourself with.  You need to build yourself up so you can be the best version of you. I suggest you get help professionally too, or even start by talking to a friend you trust. 

There is light behind the darkness.

If you have suicidal feelings the American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255 (available 24 hours a day). 

RIP Anthony Bourdain

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