Niamh Lyons is from Dublin, Ireland.  She lived 16 years in Geneva, Switzerland where she worked for the International Labour Organization agency of the United Nations.

While undertaking various treatments for chronic pain caused by a car accident, Niamh (pronounced Neev) tried Sophrology. After only one Sophrology session, she enrolled in the diploma course! Within a couple of months of daily practice, her pain was gone.  

“The pain-relief was welcome, but it was my mindset that had really changed during this period.  I realized I was constantly rushing about my day and causing undue stress to myself.  I am now able to go about my day without being in a constant state of tension.  I have changed so much in my life, for the better, since discovering Sophrology.  I got rid of unnecessary worry. I use Sophrology techniques daily to de-stress and bring a state of calm to my mind and body.  This method is easy and has helped me feel happier and contented within. More importantly, it has given me the tools to be able to deal with the daily obstacles and challenges.  I am teaching adults as well as kids as young as six years old these techniques and they are applying them successfully!"

Niamh made a complete turnaround in her working life to become a dedicated practitioner in Sophrology. She graduated in 2011 at the Energy Centre in Switzerland, the first English speaking Sophrology School, which is recognized by the Swiss Therapist Association (ASCA) and the International Federation of Sophrologists.

“Niamh has a gentle voice, providing a very soothing space, for the participant to be at ease throughout the session. I could have listened to her voice all day.”

Niamh is a member of the International Sophrology Federation and is one of a very small handful of Certified Sophrologists teaching Sophrology in the United States. 

Examples of how my Clients used Sophrology:

  • Childhood trauma, anger management as well as clients suffering from fears & phobias.

  • A business executive applied sophrology to manage his stress levels. It helped him enormously with nerves prior to giving presentations.

  • A cyclist increasing her mental strength in preparation for a marathon.

  • An entrepreneur found sophrology helped clear her mind, so she could make better business decisions, in a calm manner.

  • A client reduced his meds after one week of practicing sophrology.

  • A hyperactive eight year old child used sophrology to fall asleep, to the delight of her parents.

  • A busy working mother of three who runs her own business, successfully managed to reach a deep sense of relaxation with Sophrology and improved her sleep.

  • A six year old child used Sophrology to take a moment during school class to bring back her calm as she was feeling stressed.

I am delighted to teach Sophrology in the United States. It is such an easy method which can be used anywhere. I know that Sophrology will make as big a difference to your lives as it did to mine.
— Niamh Lyons

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