Keeping calm under pressure is the difference between winning and losing. Peak Performance Zone is achieved by doing a Sophrology sports program. 

Many top athletes today are using sophrology to improve their game.  We don't always hear about it because they like to keep their cards close to their chests with good reason! It is very competitive after all in the professional world of sport! 

Sophrology was introduced into sport by Dr. Raymond Abrezol.  He was asked to train in secret four of the Swiss ski champions taking part in the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble.  Three of the athletes ended up on the podium with Olympic medals and only then revealed their Sophrology training to the world press.

Why Use Sophrology in Sport?

The mind is very powerful and is probably the most important muscle to work out when it comes to professional sport! Top athletes are using mindful meditation to strengthen the mind. This is what makes the difference between a good athlete and a world-class athlete.  When it all boils down – strength of mind is what helps when the pressure is on.

Pain Relief and Recovery after Injury

The recovery process after injury is increased when sophrology is practiced. The mind goes deep into the cellular level so that pain is no longer experienced as the body and mind have become so relaxed that the cells are now able to repair and renew. This is why Sophrology is recommended by French Doctors prior to and post surgery.

Anybody we suspect practicing?

Sophrology was developed in Switzerland, the home of World Champion Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer. He is the best example in proving how mental strength makes the difference. He has kept his composure under pressure in winning 20 Grand Slam tournaments to date!

The Key to Being Your Best is in Your Mind
— Roger Federer, World's Greatest Tennis Champion

Would you like to increase your mental strength in sport?  Are you nervous when approaching the moment to perform well in sport?

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