what happens during a Sophrology session?

When you remove mental clutter, you will free yourself from unnecessary worry and bring a sense of calm to your life. Daily stress will take over your thoughts if you allow it. Sophrology will help you become more centered and increase your mental wellness, so that you can live a more positive contented life.

You will close your eyes and be guided by the voice of the sophrologist. You will follow simple instructions to relax from special breathing techniques, mindfulness, visualization and gentle movement called dynamic relaxation exercises. It helps you to switch off the inner voice in your head and fully relax the body.   

The aim of the sophrologist is to get the client to a deep state of relaxation using yoga nidra.  It is the point where you are almost about to fall asleep. The body is completely relaxed, so being neither awake nor asleep. When this level is reached the client will then be guided to do the final part of the exercise which can involve visualization and gentle body movement called dynamic relaxation.

“I felt very relaxed. I almost fell asleep. It’s akin to the feeling of taking a nap with the added bonus of being centered and focused.”


  • A stressed manager reduced his meds after one week of practicing Sophrology. He found these methods helped him manage his stress levels.

  • A hyperactive eight year old child used sophrology to fall asleep, to the delight of her parents.

  • A busy mother of three kids, who runs her own business had tried unsuccessfully using other popular relaxation methods (yoga and meditation). Upon her first sophrology session she experienced a deep sense of inner calm.

  • A six year old child used Sophrology to take a moment to breathe in class, to counteract the stress she was feeling.

  • A stressed businessman applied sophrology techniques to reduce stress at work and found that he no longer had stage-fright when giving work presentations.

  • A nervous student applied the breathing techniques prior and during important exams. He was calm and more focused and passed all his exams!

Individual session

Each session is personalized and adapted to work for the individual.  It begins with a series of questions to evaluate the client’s needs, address their concerns and formulate a bespoke program.


Group Session

A more interactive experience, the group session enables the participants to benefit and learn through a series of dynamic relaxation exercises, and by sharing, if they so wish, their individual experiences.

I went to my first Sophrology appointment today. I’m hooked, I’ve never been more relaxed. Thank you Niamh”
— Aaron, Phoenix Arizona