Give Yourself the Gift of

Mental Wellbeing and Mental Awareness

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In Brief:

OK So, there is a big long list below, but briefly, essentially what is happening when you practice Sophrology is, your body goes into a deep state of relaxation. It goes to a place where you are feeling like you are asleep but you are still awake. As you have consciously relaxed the body completely, the mind is also completely relaxed. So now your body can release stress, tension and anxiety in order to welcome absolute utter mind and body bliss at the same time rejuvenate the cells and release toxins! Just know you will achieve this and realize how much mind and body stress you have been experiencing prior to this and to know you can stop it at any time once you practice sophrology!

So, Sophrology therapy teaches you how to access the power of positive thought and be kind to yourself. We re-experience moments, as if for the first time and bring back the joy we experienced as children. By practicing we consciously integrate these positive moments, so that we will subconsciously live a more joyful, intuitive, mindful life, seeking harmony instead of drama in our lives. 

  • Increase inner calm

  • Increase Oxygen

  • Increase Immune System

  • increase focus

  • relax & energize

  • Increase happiness

  • increase intuition

  • increase confidence 


Sophrology practice Supports:

 Work - School - Sport 

  • Public Speaking

  • Increase Motivation and Concentration

  • Improve Study and Preparation for Exams

  • Sport - Access Peak Performance Zone

  • Stage Fright

  • Stress Management

  • Burnout and Management Fatigue


Relationships - Family - Self

  • Mood Enhancement

  • Improve Relationships

  • Increase Self-esteem and Confidence

  • Increase State of Mind

  • Manage Life Challenges

  • Increase Positive Awareness

  • Better Sleep

“There are many therapy techniques available. However, with Sophrology, I felt the ease of being guided to a clear mental path, giving me confidence to reach my goals.”

The Power of Positive Thought

Dr. Rick Hanson is a Neuropsychologist has written and talked about the essential inner skills of personal well-being, psychological growth, and contemplative practice. He explains in this video, by fully experiencing positive moments in our lives and by expanding those positive feelings, we can then do something about the bad experiences.  Lots of little bad things bring us to a bad place, just as lots of little good things bring us to a good place. This is what we are teaching in Sophrology practice.

Taking in the good causes it to fill your cup and for it to spill over, which will then affect others, which in turn, will affect the world.
— Dr. Rick Hanson, Neuropsychologist

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