Breathing in Synchrony Exercise


Breathing in Synchrony Exercise


Breathing in Synchrony Exercise:

This is a simple exercise that allows you to become more aware of your body, simply through breathing.

Prior to starting the exercise, make a note in your journal of how you feel physically. Note where you are holding tension in your body. You are welcome to do the same at the end of the exercise so you can compare how you felt before and afterwards.

As you start listening to the exercise begin breathing in slowly through the nose, and out through the mouth (as if blowing through a straw). This will prepare the body to start releasing tension that you are holding.

Avoid getting up suddenly at the end of the exercise as your body will be very relaxed and you could feel dizzy if you get up suddenly.

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Please avoid consuming food prior to doing any sophrology exercise. 

Do not do this exercise while driving or operating machinery.

Do not participate in this exercise if you are putting yourself in any sort of dangerous situation as your eyes are closed throughout the exercise..

Wear comfortable clothing and sit comfortably with feet flat on the ground or if preferred, lie down with cushions to support your body, with knees bent and feet flat on the ground.

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