Summertime Special Offer

Sophrology Monthly Special
Sophrology Monthly Special

Summertime Special Offer

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Learn all about France’s best kept secret for managing stress and do it from the comfort of your home!

What happens in a telephone session?

You will listen to the sophrologist’s voice which will guide you to relax the body using simple mindfulness techniques. When the body is completely relaxed the mind also gets to relax and rejuvenate. Exercises then begin which can be as diverse as mood boosting exercises, concentration exercises, brain exercises, body awareness and breathing exercises. The sophrologist discuss the various exercises with the client who ultimately decides which exercise they would like to experience on the day.

What do I need to do a telephone session?

All you need is a hands-free telephone and a quiet space. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid eating prior to the session.

What if my pets are being noisy?

No worries. They will settle down and become very quiet and peaceful as they also enjoy the session as much as you!

Why do Sophrology?

The mind never gets to fully relax consciously, so by mindfully allowing it to, we relax and rejuvenate it.

How long is a session?

The individual session is approximately 45 minutes.


“I feel more in control of my emotions. I am now in a happy place in my life all thanks to my sophrology sessions. Before I would lose it and get angry without much thought. This anger was just increasing emotional pain within me. Now I can reflect and release negative emotions in a relaxed calm manner which I couldn’t do before.”

“My perspective on everything has changed for the better since practicing sophrology”.

“Niamh’s voice is so hypnotic, she relaxes and calms me within minutes of the session starting. The best part is that I get to do it at home when it is convenient for me.”

Note: All telephone sessions purchased are valid 6 months after date of purchase.

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“France’s Best Kept Secret” Mind Body Green

Sophrology gives you a mini vacation from everything. Your Body and Mind will experience a deep sense of peace and relaxation like you have never experienced.

By giving the mind a break, it boosts mental strength. Sophrology is bringing calm and happiness to those who practice it.

Client feedback:

“Wow I really felt relaxed. Niamh’s voice is hypnotic and instantly calms me”.

“I tried out Sophrology to help me focus on training for a sporting event. It has become more than I ever expected it to be and is now a huge part of my life. I am happier, more contented with the tools to deal with my stress and anxiety”.