Mind Your Selfie

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. Life has been a strange mixture of fun, sadness, excitement and remembrance these past few months.  I lost my uncle on Christmas Day.  He was a quiet, kind, educated man. A father of six children, a brilliant school teacher, a farmer and a man of the land.  Nobody in my family knew that he was suffering from depression.  He will always be loved and in our hearts. His tragic end was very sad for all who knew him but we have many amazing gifts he left us. He planted many trees around the world. He educated us and got us to think things a little differently. I thank him for the many good memories I had down on his farm with all my cousins.

It reminded me to appreciate each moment I have with family and dear friends. We all take moments to reflect – to find inner peace not only during difficult times, but do we do enough during the good times? There are wonderful things happening which we don’t even notice as we are too busy rushing around. 

Take a moment to appreciate a few things that are happening right now.  Reflect upon them. Feel gratitude and notice how your body responds to this feeling. This is what we practice in Sophrology.

#MindYourSelfie is a campaign to promote mental health awareness - hence my selfie above.  Please share with your friends and family my website. Take the first step to discovering inner harmony with Sophrology.


Mind Yourselves