The Joy of Screaming!

I spent last Easter Sunday with family and friends.  The day started out with a Treasure Hunt (the kids nominated me as clue creator!), followed by a delicious lunch cooked by my sister and brother-in-law, topped off by pool time. (It is sunny Arizona after all). We had been warned to bring our swimsuits, as the temperatures last week were in the 90s (32 Celsius), we assumed the pool would be finally warm enough to swim in. (In my case dip in).

The kids were always going to be the first to jump into the pool, as they are the brave ones! These little daredevils have gone to all sorts of degrees to prove they can withstand the cold!  The record is diving into an unheated pool in December, which was a very cold 50 degrees (10 Celsius)!  These kids could do anything!  Sure when I was their age I swam in the Irish Sea, which I thought was cold, that is, until I dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean off  the West of Ireland!  Yikes! Even the cows laying about on the white sands knew better than to actually get in the beautiful emerald sea along Ireland's Wild Atlantic Coast... 

So the kids got into the pool to lots of screams AND also jumped right out pretty fast to our amusement.  We adults were sitting in the Jacuzzi spa, only to be joined and splattered by the kids jumping into the spa to warm up.

The garden water sprinklers then sprang into action so the kids thought that they would be warmer than the pool, only to discover that the water was even colder than the pool! Haha! This was hilarious to watch!  The kids were screaming their heads off with a mix of delight and shock!  Getting into the pool was a lot easier after the icy sprinklers!

Did I get into the pool! Yes of course! "I am Irish, I can DO this", after all I swam in the Irish Sea, blah blah blah... I did however return pretty fast to the warm jacuzzi! 

The joy of screaming is something we do as kids.  Think about it, if we adults were to scream as carefree, the neighbors would have thought something was going on!  Maybe that is why roller coasters were created?  Do you remember the last time you screamed for joy, like the kids running through the icy sprinklers? It could be that time you did jump in an icy pool, or that time screaming at the top of your voice at the movies, or even a ride on a motorbike.  Whatever the memory, remember the happy sensations you experienced.  Now expand upon them.  Those sensations are still within you and you can tap into them any time you wish to.  When we expand upon joyful memories, by just remembering them, we integrate positivity.  

This is conscious harmony, which is the essence of Sophrology.