My first Blog Post

Hello and welcome to my little Blog page!  This is my first ever blog, so as I created the website, I figured a blog is also a great way to introduce myself and Sophrology to you all.  I will share my experiences and those of others who have practiced Sophrology and hopefully it will get you excited to try it out.  Now that is said, I do hope to try to keep it simple and not meander along the river as I tend to do!  But, as I usually write as I speak the chances of that happening are probably null and void!  

So let me briefly introduce myself.  My name is Niamh Lyons, pronounced Neave.  I am from Dublin, Ireland, now living in the Arizona desert, after spending 16 years in the Swiss/French Alps.  I am married to a Frenchman who will be further referred to as Himself. 

I live in Scottsdale, and with this change of environment it has brought me interesting challenges! I learnt to speak French many decades ago, and being an anglophone, I never thought for a minute I'd have a difficulty with the language here of all places!.. I found myself at times stuck trying to understand some of the American lingo!  From trying to buy items for my household, to buying a car, nobody could understand me!..and there I had thought my first challenge living here would be the hot climate...!