First session with a four year old

The youngest person I have taught Sophrology to was four years old.  She is one of the Sophro Girls which you will see more of in later blogs, but let's call her Big Sis for now. Big Sis was just 4 years old when she had her first Sophrology session.   It wasn't planned to do a session with her but at the time I was training to become a sophrologist, so anyone willing to give it a try, I would practice with...  

To fill you in, she had just travelled with her family from Phoenix, Arizona to Switzerland the previous day.  Big Sis had jet lag, was over excited and unable to unwind.  She told me that she really wanted to be less excited but I could see that the jet lag was causing her to be very animated and as it was early evening, it was not going to be easy to get her to sleep.  So I suggested to do some sophrology.   As it was my first time doing an exercise with someone that young,  I wasn't sure she would be able to concentrate enough because of her age.  So I taught her simple breathing techniques to start with and I did an exercise with simple visualization.  My first thought after doing the exercise was.. WOW Sophrology really does work!  Not only had she completely relaxed but also the whole family was amazed to see how much calmer she became.  

I find that young kids respond really well to Sophrology.  Believe it or not kids actually love to relax too.  We forget that they have their own daily challenges which can cause them stress.  So they really respond to it in such a positive way that it makes me really excited.  Now if only the adults could practice it as much as the kids..