Exam Stress

Practicing Sophrology Reduces Exam Stress

Exam season has arrived. You have put in all the hard work.  You have done your best.  Then what happens on the day of the exam?  You begin to feel a little tense, your heart beats a little faster and your breathing becomes a little shorter. You see your school friends beside you writing away furiously while you have found yourself staring at the paper in front of you...


What has just happened?  Your mind has gone blank and all knowledge you previously possessed has flown out the window.  You cannot organize your thoughts and panic sets in.  Has any of this ever happened to you?  Do you have the tools to combat this when it does?


Whether you are studying for an exam; preparing for a job interview; doing a presentation; auditioning for a role; asking your boss for a raise; asking your bank manager for a loan, etc., etc., you will be under a certain amount of stress...  Your chance of succeeding depends on how you manage your stress on the day. 


Sophrology uses simple breathing techniques and mindfulness that will help alleviate any panic situation, such as exam stress.


By training ourselves consciously to act rather than react in times of challenge.  We create new habits that subconsciously aid us to make a better decision and not a rash one. 


So next time you are sitting in the exam hall, wouldn’t you prefer to have all the tools to succeed?