Colds, Christmas and Motherly Love

Colds, Christmas and Motherly Love

"...Sophrology has been the greatest gift I could ever give my Mum and myself.."

I lost 40 pounds using Sophrology

A year ago I decided to change my outlook on food and generally on eating.  I also had enough of being overweight.  It all began when I decided to eat only vegan meals for over 21 days. You know the diet Beyoncé did.  It turns out it was a great way to kick-start a new healthy way of eating and finally lose the weight I had put on over the years but it wasn't actually from following this diet...  Some of the vegan meals were delicious and easy enough to prepare. The not-so-nice bits were the after-effects of certain foods…  I became aware of what I was able to digest.

So, I decided to apply sophrology awareness to all food & beverages I was consuming.  In the last year I lost 40 pounds... I have not joined any gym. I am not a sporty person and would never go out and walk in this Arizona heat!

So how did I do it?  Mindful eating.  Want to know the best part?  I am enjoying food much more than I have in the last 10 years!  I can eat everything!

My only regret is that I never kept my clothes from my slimmer days.

If I can do this, believe me you will too.  Instead of wanting to want it – I actually did it. I listened to my own body. For the first time I didn’t follow any fad diet.

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How to tap into the 95% part of your unconscious mind

Do you know the difference between intention and intentionality?


Your intention is your conscious mind and your intentionality is your subconscious mind.  It is reported that we only use 5% of our conscious mind! Wouldn’t you like to increase the percentage of what is conscious? We can by being more mindful and practicing mindfulness which we use in Sophrology.


Let me give you an example.  You decide you want to purchase a car – a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  You start to read up about the car and get more information about it on the internet.  Then what happens.. you start seeing the car everywhere. You notice the commercials and pay more attention to them.  You notice people are talking about this car… so what happened!? Why does it appear that this car is everywhere, when previously you didn't even notice the car? 


What is happening is that your intentionality is at work, a.k.a your subconscious mind. It is bringing forward to your conscious mind what you intentionally set out to learn more about. Everything you are now noticing was always there. You just weren’t aware of it.  Our conscious mind notices 5% of what is happening around us.  Our subconscious mind, like our intentionality, notices everything around us. 


By living a more mindful, conscious life we open our awareness to noticing more of what is going on right in front of us.   We increase awareness of many things: our actions; our thoughts; and our emotions.  At the same time we increase our senses. Our sense of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and also our intuition is increased!  So why not start being more mindful and notice everything happening right now! Now that is definitely a great reason to start practicing Sophrology!