Sophrology, Surgery & Phobias

Sophrology is wonderful for mind works, finding inner calm and peace. It is also a tool that helps people with preparation for Surgery as well as phobias.  Here is a little example of one person who I did a telephone session with a few months ago for his dental phobia.

I will call him Bob. Bob made contact with me recently. He had to have a tooth extraction and was in a turmoil as he suffers from dentophobia - fear of the dentist. A bad dental experience years back left him with various problems that were unsolved by several dentists.. He contacted me as he knew about Sophrology. He had practiced it over 30 years ago, when he lived in France. So he knew it could help him. 

The call came in Monday afternoon. I did the first telephone session a few hours later and Bob immediately received a recording of that exercise. The second session was Tuesday evening. His dental surgery appointment was Wednesday morning. I wanted him to be relaxed and in the best physical state of calm so that he wouldn't be nervous but also that his body could respond calmly to the procedure and also, more importantly to combat this phobia.

Let me explain what was the original plan. He was to be put to sleep for the tooth extraction. My session was to help get him into the surgery room, such was his fear.

So Wednesday evening I made contact to find out how it all went.  He told me he listened to my recording several times over the two nights prior to his appointment. He became relaxed and was so confident going to the dentist that he opted to have a local anesthetic instead of being put asleep! He also decided to not take any pain-killers post extraction! WOW! This is why I love my job!  Bob had earphones on and listened to my voice which kept him calm throughout his extraction. He did an amazing job as he had practiced and allowed his body to relax which helped his mind overcome his fear!  He was so happy and joyful that he was able to do this. 

Not everyone would be able to achieve what Bob did in such a short space of time. He worked on himself and believed in himself and therefore his work paid off. Don't let fears stop you from living your life. Sophrology can be taught via telephone as well as in person. Telephone sessions are uniquely individual sessions. For more information and prices click here..