Pets know best how to listen

Pets know best how to listen

They say animals know best how to relax... They live in the present and don’t worry about the past or the future… well imagine my delight to know they also enjoy Sophrology!

Don't Labor Your Celebrations on Labor Day Weekend

Don't Labor Your Celebrations on Labor Day Weekend

Have you ever been at work feeling completely lost at what you are supposed to be doing? …Feelings overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious and angry. Trying not to get emotional or tense while tears begin to well up… and then you start thinking “I can’t do this”, “why am I doing this?”… wanting to walk away… 

Sophrology, Surgery & Phobias

Sophrology, Surgery & Phobias

Sophrology is helps people with surgery nerves, as well as phobias.  Here is a little example of one client who has dental phobia.

Colds, Christmas and Motherly Love

Colds, Christmas and Motherly Love

"...Sophrology has been the greatest gift I could ever give my Mum and myself.."

Paris Keep Breathing

Paris Keep Breathing

I am watching in shock the atrocities that took place in Paris last evening.  It takes courage to be able to step out your front door and live your life without fear, after experiencing such an attack. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a form of extreme stress that prevents people from being able to live their life in a normal manner.  War veterans have experienced it in the worst manner after returning from duty.  Unfortunately we live in a world today where people are now suffering PTSD due to events such as these at the extremity, as well as from every day living situations.  When 9/11 happened, groups were set up to help New Yorkers.  They were taught simple breathing techniques to allow themselves to release fear and help their bodies recover from shock.   The first part of us that shuts down when we are afraid is allowing our body to receive oxygen.


The first thing you can do for yourself is to concentrating on your breathing and to ground yourself. Try this right now:


Start by doing a body inventory to see where you are holding tension the most:

- Check, head, face, jaw, mouth forehead

- Check chest, back, stomach, hips, legs, feet, arms, and hands.

- Breathe in slowly through your nose and slowly out through mouth (as if blowing through a straw).

- Repeat a few times just to re-center your body and release any tensions you might be holding in your body.

- Notice any parts of your body that hold tension and when you breathe in focus on these parts to breathe in oxygen to these parts of your body.

- Finally Breathe in, Hold your breath for a few seconds

- While holding your breath, stretch your body: including arms & legs (as if you are waking up from a sleep)… and then breathe out, allowing your arms and legs and body to relax, releasing tension.

- Repeat two more times.


Take your time to slowly wake up your body opening your eyes and take a short moment before you stand up.  It is important to wake up slowly so you avoid falling over. Deep breathing exercises can cause dizziness, so please be careful to slowly wake up and not jump up afterwards.


This exercise helps you take focus away from your mind, and focus on your body. There are more sophrology exercises that can help but this exercise can be done anywhere (as long as you are not operating equipment or driving a vehicle).  Please share this article with your friends and family.  We all need to help each other in times of stress and shock.


Keep Breathing Paris.  We Love you and send our love to you. Paris, on vous aime, soyez forte.

Practicing Sophrology Reduces Exam Stress

Exam season has arrived. You have put in all the hard work.  You have done your best.  Then what happens on the day of the exam?  You begin to feel a little tense, your heart beats a little faster and your breathing becomes a little shorter. You see your school friends beside you writing away furiously while you have found yourself staring at the paper in front of you...


What has just happened?  Your mind has gone blank and all knowledge you previously possessed has flown out the window.  You cannot organize your thoughts and panic sets in.  Has any of this ever happened to you?  Do you have the tools to combat this when it does?


Whether you are studying for an exam; preparing for a job interview; doing a presentation; auditioning for a role; asking your boss for a raise; asking your bank manager for a loan, etc., etc., you will be under a certain amount of stress...  Your chance of succeeding depends on how you manage your stress on the day. 


Sophrology uses simple breathing techniques and mindfulness that will help alleviate any panic situation, such as exam stress.


By training ourselves consciously to act rather than react in times of challenge.  We create new habits that subconsciously aid us to make a better decision and not a rash one. 


So next time you are sitting in the exam hall, wouldn’t you prefer to have all the tools to succeed?