Colds, Christmas and Motherly Love

The festive season came upon us all and has since wrapped. I was in Ireland with my family for Christmas. It was fantastic even though I fell sick with a heavy cold within days. It had been 10 years since my last Irish Christmas celebration… and I have the damp get through my Arizona Blood-thinned Irish bones within days of arriving!

I could have gone a bit mad and curse out the fact that it happened. I was so excited to get home and see friends and family. Instead, I found myself laid up and bizarrely grateful for the quiet time in bed, allowing my mother to take care of me. I really missed her this last year, so it felt nice to have her mothering me, just like when I was a child. I guess no matter how old we get, we all like to be mothered by someone, sometimes.

My relationship with my Mum has changed quite a bit since I started doing Sophrology. We used to have many heated moments – just clashing over stupid things. Now, instead, thankfully I can let things go. In the early days of my sophrology training, I learnt, first-hand, that Sophrology really works for me.  There were times when I was on the phone to my mother in Ireland when we would both get all riled up and explode over silly insignificant things. Soon after my sophrology training started, I realized I was no longer getting upset or feeling the need to react to things that previously had me on edge!

Sophrology has been the greatest gift I could ever give my Mum and myself. Life is too precious to allow the little things to ruin special time with loved ones.