New Day Fresh Start Happy You

Each New Year we celebrate with positive expectations and excitement for the coming year. We lose reality to dreams and sadly many suffer in the early months of the year. We have set expectations upon ourselves and have lost the reality, that is, we need to work every day on achieving our goals. Things don’t just land into our laps. So just like mental health, we need to work on ourselves every day… It’s just like going to the gym: when you practice a little mental awareness every day, you arm yourself for when you might feel despair, hopelessness and depression.

Why is this? It is because we set our intentions and consciously work on ourselves. Unintentionally and automatically we can manage difficult moments, so that we do not veer towards despair, hopelessness or depression. Practicing Sophrology doesn’t remove life challenges. It give us the mental armor to deal with them.

 Depression can happen to anyone at any time.  I have suffered it. I was the last person I thought this could happen to. I was always a happy go lucky person in life. I studied sophrology for the physical healing capabilities it delivered after my car accident. What I didn’t know was the mental “high” I would get from practicing it.*

It is a level in consciousness that you go to because you have completely relaxed your body and mind. It takes practice to get there. This is why daily practice is important to build up habits of working towards the positive. Once you reach that point of deep relaxation, the visual or dynamic relaxation exercise begins. This is where sophrology differs largely from other methods. The exercises are catered to individual clients’ needs.

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*Sophrology produces natural endorphins which creates this effect.