Don't be Green on St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s coming to that time of year again when everything starts to go green… no not Springtime… but St. Patrick’s Day!!  Yes and although I am Irish and I like to participate in many a merry moment with friends and family, I like to just observe those who get with the Irish spirit on the day itself!

Call it amateur’s day or any excuse to get drunk but did you know that Sophrology can help you get rid of your hangover.. and it can actually help you avoid any hangover in the first place!!

Who would have known!  Now don’t get me wrong it’s not that you can now drink the whole barrel of whiskey and not be insanely ill!! You can however prepare a few things earlier and before going to sleep to alleviate the big head mess you will have if you do drink more than planned for.

It’s not just about having a good hearty meal prior to drinking (personally I recommend Irish Stew or Shepherd’s Pie). It’s not just about drinking lots of “Uisce” (water) before and during your consumption of “Uisce beatha”(water of life, a.k.a whiskey) it’s about mindfully being in control at each moment and enjoying the spirit of the day not just the spirit you drink.

When the day is over, that’s when you must remember to breathe long slow breaths before you go to sleep.  Tell your conscious-self to continue doing long slow breaths so that your subconscious self will continue to do this as you sleep.  It sounds nuts but it will help you as much as drinking lots of water to avoid that horrible hangover.

Enjoy the Day and Enjoy No hangover!!

Happy Paddy’s Day!