Don't Labor Your Celebrations on Labor Day Weekend

Have you ever been at work feeling completely lost at what you are supposed to be doing? It is a situation many of us go through at some stage or another. Feelings overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious and angry. Trying not to get emotional or tense while tears begin to well up… and then you start thinking “I can’t do this”, “why am I doing this?”… wanting to walk away… 

This has happened to me in previous jobs. I didn’t have the tools to deal with it. Once upon a long time ago, I went to the doctor for a particularly stressful time in my life. She suggested I take medication.... I didn’t want to go down that road.

I had feelings of being overwhelmed this week. I help many people deal with anxiety and stress but it also happens to me.  I was physically a wreck. I found myself in a situation where I was stuck, overwhelmed and tears were beginning to well.  Of course I am thinking “I teach people how to deal with this… why am I getting upset?!” I wanted to be in a quiet corner or room by myself to deal with it. But such as life is, I was in a busy room surrounded by many people. So I closed myself off to give myself several minutes to do just that. 

I closed the outside world for a few moments and gave myself a break from everyone, everything but most of all myself.

I closed my eyes and laid back on my chair. I started breathing slowly to allow my body unleash the tension I was holding.  By doing this my physical body unwound consciously from the ball of tension I was holding.  This conscious physical release of tension then allowed by mind to relax and I welcomed the floating sensation of calm beginning within me. I gave myself a few moments more to enjoy and prolong this sensation. It took only a few minutes but it completely changed my work after that and everything was ok.

I reminded myself of the power and resilience I have to overcome what was a horrible moment. We all have this power. We just need to tap into it more.

So during this labor Day Weekend take several moments to enjoy YOU.  If you have to work, then take physical and mental breaks. Find a few moments to shut out the world and give your body and mind a rest. Even if it is only for 30 seconds, do it!

You also can do this while entertaining guests over the weekend. Too many of us forget to actually enjoy the fun things going on right now because we are worrying over having things perfect. Take a moment to notice how everything is actually going great!

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